Weight & Core

    Use the latest fitness training tools for better performance.

    Sluggers Sports Center offers year round training in our brand new strength and fitness area with commercial Cybex equipment which features a variety of fully adjustable weighted machines, resistance training equipment, and much more! Sluggers knows for a fact that legs and core strength training is essential to high performance and success for hardball and softball players.

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    Fitness | Sluggers Sports Center
    • Smith Machine- Designed for multi-use of strengthening legs, chest, arms and shoulders and more.
    • Ab Crunch- Designed for strengthening you ab’s and your core.
    • Leg Lift & Dip Bar- Designed for multi-use for strengthening your triceps, shoulders and core.
    • Incline Leg Press- This machine is designed for incline leg presses that work another mussel group with no lower back pressure
    • Preacher Curl- Designed for bicep and forearm curls.
    • Dumbbell Rack- Weights ranging from 10lbs thru 65lb dumbbell's to accommodate all age groups and personal strength.